Vishara Skin Care

Turmeric & Tulsi Butter Cream Soap

Rs. 300

Vishara's butter cream soap is an extra creamy formulation made for a luxurious skin care experience. This is carefully handmade with plant based butters like kokum butter, shea butter, glycerin and other ayurvedic active ingredients.

The fluffy foamy cream soap cleanses your skin and doubles down as moisturizer too. So you need not to use 

cream after every bath, thanks to the magical moisturizing properties of butter and glycerin. 

Tulsi and turmeric is a glow inducing  special formulation for clear skin. Tulsi is an effective herb for skin care as it has antimicrobial and detoxifying properties. It controls the growth of acne causing bacteria and works as a skin purifying ingredient.  Turmeric is an age-old skincare used in bridal skin care recipes. It is proven to possess antibacterial and antiinflammatory compounds and  helps in reviving dull skin .

This natural and effective formulation of  Vishara's Tulsi and turmeric butter cream soaps helps to control acne, fades off blemishes, lightens up the darkness caused by hyperpigmentation and results in glowing skin.

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