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Turmeric oil soap

Rs. 200

In every Indian household, there is definitely a grandmother/ mother/ aunt who swears by the magical property of turmeric. This age-old concept of using turmeric for our skin was popularized in India, and now people from all over the world swear by it.


There are people who add turmeric to water and gently apply it on their skin, and there are people who mix turmeric and curd or honey or some ingredient and use it. But what we discovered was the most effective way to utilise turmeric in your everyday skincare routine. 

The outcome? A faint, yellow toned glow that will make your skin appear brighter. I'm worried people might think the face turns yellow after using the soap. We have to make it a point to write it doesn't. Also, fading spots and blemishes are a definite plus!


How to use:

The soap comes in the form of a bar. 

Now the biggest question is, how do we use this bar of soap?


The traditional way of using soap is to directly rub the soap on your skin and form a lather directly. This is a tried and tested method, which is approved by all. 

Another traditional method is to rub the soap in your hand, build the later, and use the foam across your body. This is also an easy - no harm way to use soaps. 

There are of course a couple of other ways, which include third parties like Loofahs and Washcloths. While there is nothing wrong with using Loofas or Washcloths (it makes building the lather easier), you have to ensure that you buy the right product and clean/change it regularly. Remember that these are a breeding house for bacteria, so you have to dry them out thoroughly after every use.




The benefits of using Turmeric oil soap are too many to number. Here are a few that have always worked in the Vishara family:


  • Turmeric Oil soap has antiseptic and antimicrobial properties 
  • It helps speeden up the process of healing through anti inflammatory properties 
  • We have been told that this soap has helped customers lighten a lot of marks and blemishes
  • A faint, gorgeous glow to your skin 
  • Helps brighten up dull, lifeless skin and gives your skin a healthy look




So what goes in the making of our renown Turmeric Oil soap? 

Just the right amount of fresh Turmeric roots, carefully infused in coconut oil, olive oil, canola, kokum butter and essential oil of lemongrass and patchouli to give you our wonder bar - the Turmeric Oil soap.


Weight : 130 gm







Patch test the product to check for allergic reactions. Discontinue immediately if there are any. 


  • All images shown are for illustrative purposes only. Actual results and/or products may vary
  • No animal testing 
  • No parabens, No sulphates, No silicones, No GMOs, No artificial fragrance and No harsh chemicals.
  • The product contains natural ingredients. 
  • For external use only. 
  • Store in a cool and dry place. 
  • Incase of any allergies to a natural ingredient, kindly check the description. Patch test elsewhere to avoid triggering your allergies. 
  • In case of any existing medical condition, kindly refer to a specialist before usage. Likewise, in case you are under medication or pregnant, kindly refer to a doctor.
  • Products are not therapeutic and must not be replaced for any medication.

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