Our founder, Sharanya Gopalakrishnan is born and brought up in Chennai, has a full-time husband, full-time job and two part-time children (they are young to be called full-time :P). Amidst her roles at work and at home, Sharanya followed her passion in making all-natural skincare products for three years now. She founded Vishara in September 2018, following an insightful shopping adventure with her co-sister! Not all shopping experiences end with finding your one true love, but Sharanya was lucky. She was out shopping where she learned from her co-sister the importance of reading labels to check ingredients. When Sharanya realized how much toxic synthetics were present in the regular bath and skincare brands that she purchased for her children, she made up her mind to make her own all-natural skincare products for her family and the people she knew. It was not commercially driven but her products were receiving good feedback among close circles. A medical incident in her family cemented her conviction and drove her to pursue her passion for a larger purpose and larger audience. Hence, at the end of 2020, Sharanya quit her cosy full-time job to follow her one true north!