Vishara Skin Care

Charcoal and Almond Soap

Rs. 180

Always on the hunt for a powerful cleansing soap that can magnetically pull away all the grime, dust and pollution from your skin? You're looking at the right product! Charcoal and Soap might seem like two polar-opposite words, but there hasnt been a better tried and tested solution for solving your skin's needs. 


This is definitely your go to product if: 

  1. Your skin gets clogged with dirt often 
  2. Oily, normal or combination skin type 
  3. Need a regular exfoliator 


How to use: 

This soap comes in the form of bar, There are multiple ways to use soap, many of which we are aware of. Usually, people rub the soap on their skin and form a lather directly.

Some rub the soap in their hands, build the later, and use the foam across your body. 

And then some people use Loofahs and Washcloths. While there is nothing wrong with using Loofas or Washcloths (it makes building the lather easier), you have to ensure that you buy the right product and clean/change it regularly. Remember that these are a breeding house for bacteria, so you have to dry them out thoroughly after every use.



Might experience mild tingling while the effects settle. Discontinue if sensation persists. 



This Charcoal soap has a multitude of benefits. Here they are: 


  1. Deep cleans your skin leaving it supple and soft 
  2. Exfoliates your skin, due to which your skin looks bright and radiant!
  3. Known to reduce pore size after repeated usage

And so on. The soap also removes excessive oil from your skin.



Activated charcoal, almond oil, coconut oil, palm oil, sunflower oil, canola, rice bran oil, kokkum butter, essential oils of mint and patchouli 


Fragrance: Mint



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