Vishara Skin Care

Honey & oats Soap

Rs. 200

We at Vishara strictly believe that with just a dash of honey, your regular skincare routine becomes magical. So you can imagine our delight when we combined the goodness of honey and oats! With all its moisturising properties, honey when mixed with a gentle exfoliant such as oats; brings out the best in your skin! If you are looking for a life changing, regular skin care product, you just found one.


This is definitely your go to product if: 

  1. Dry, combination, oily skin types 
  2. You want a glow to your skin 
  3. Require a gentle skin exfoliator 
  4. Want a product with antibacterial properties


How to use: 

Use it like a regular soap - directly onto your skin and then later, or lather on your hands and then use it the foam. You can also use it with loofahs and washcloths, but ensure that they dont become a breedhouse for bacteria!




Might experience mild tingling while the effects settle. Discontinue if sensation persists. Can be used for all skin types including damaged, sensitive, eczema prone skin.



  1. Leaves your skin looking soft and supple 
  2. Gives a natural glow to your skin, thereby making you look as radiant as ever!
  3. Gentle removes dead skin cells and acts as a natural everyday use exfoliator 
  4. Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties 



Honey, oats, coconut oil, palm oil, sunflower oil, canola, rice bran oil, kokkum butter, essential oils of orange 


Fragrance: Citrus

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