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Triphala Hair Mask

Rs. 550

Unlock the Secrets of Luscious Hair with Our Mango Butter, Silk Proteins, and Triphala Hair Mask

Deep Conditioning

Indulge in the luxurious effects of mango butter, renowned for its deep-conditioning prowess. Our hair mask saturates each strand with intense moisture, nourishing and hydrating to perfection. Experience the transformation as your hair embraces optimal health and vitality.


Let silk proteins weave their magic into our hair mask, offering a harmonious blend for nourished and beautiful hair. Revel in the metamorphosis as these proteins work their charm, promoting softness and shine that leaves your hair irresistibly smooth.

Stimulates Hair Growth

Unleash the power of Triphala, a potent Ayurvedic tonic, to invigorate hair growth. This dynamic ingredient nurtures healthy roots and follicles in the scalp, fostering a lush and vibrant mane. Clinical study on Rosemary oil indicates improved hair count and thickness, demonstrating its potential as a natural remedy for hair growth.

Prevents Hair Breakage

Bid farewell to brittle strands with our unique blend that prevents hair breakage. Enhance the strength and resilience of your hair, welcoming a robust and healthy look.

Dandruff Control 

Triphala takes the spotlight in addressing dandruff concerns with our hair mask. Experience a clean and healthy foundation as it clears the scalp of flakes, itchiness, and dryness.

Unleash the full potential of your hair with our meticulously crafted Mango Butter, Silk Proteins, and Triphala Hair Mask. Your journey to vibrant, nourished hair begins here!


Triphala, mango butter, silk proteins, castor oil, coconut oil, vitamin E, Rosemary .

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