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Saffron Gel

Rs. 300

Every skin care lover has this one go to product that solves all skin related issues that they face. Be it dry skin, or tired, dull skin; or for that pop of hydration, brighter skin and so on. At Vishara, our go to product has always been the Saffron Face Gel. Infused with the goodness of saffron along with the cooling properties of a gel, this skincare is something that you definitely need in your routine.


This is definitely your go to product if: 

  1. You have dull, tired and lifeless skin 
  2. Would like your skin to look healthier and brighter 
  3. Dry, combination and oily skin types 
  4. Looking for that much loved glow


How to use: 

This product comes in a round box in the form of a gel. Once the box is opened, you can take a bit of the product (you may use a tiny spatula or your clean fingers) and apply it generously on your face.

We suggest applying this after cleansing and toning your face. You can replace your moisturiser with this gel, or have it as an add on. You can also use it at night, as a night gel. 


The best part about this gel is that you can also use it to style your hair and avoid all that frizz! This product can be used in so many ways. 



Might experience mild tingling while the effects settle. Discontinue if sensation persists. 



  1. Glowing, radiant skin 
  2. Evens out your skin tone 
  3. Reduces blemishes 
  4. Thoroughly hydrates your skin 
  5. Soothes sunburn, rashes 



Saffron extracts, sandalwood, jajoba oil, vitamin e, essential oil of rose geranium 


Fragrance: Rose

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review

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