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Rose & witch hazel toner

Rs. 350

If you follow beauty bloggers and influencers, you would have noticed a rise in the number of people who are speaking about this “Witch Hazel”. Probably confusing to a non-skin obsessed person, Witch hazel (surprise surprise) has nothing to do with Harry Potter. But it sure is magical. 

When mixed with Rose Witch Hazel unleashes all its goodness and leaves you with soft and supple skin. 


How to use:

A toner is a liquid that quickly settles into your skin and removes excessive dirt, hydrates and makes your face more healthier by balancing your pH levels. There is of course a multi level, multi step process of keeping your skin healthy, and the toner belongs to (usually) step 2. Vishaara’s Vishara’s Rose and Witch Hazel toner is used primarily to hydrate and tighten pores.  Here is how you can use it:


Step 1: Cleanse your face with a gentle cleanser. Make sure that all the dirt, oils etc from the previous day has been removed by your cleanser. 

Step 2: Keep the spray a few inches away from your face and spray it all over (like a mist) graciously. 



You can reuse it throughout the day, as and when required. 




The benefits of including a Rose & Witch Hazel toner to our daily routine are tremendous. Once you start using them, it will be difficult for you to stop. This comforting, hydration packed product comes in the form of a mist, therefore making it all the more convenient. While im trying to source the mist pump currently we have bottle with fliptop caps. The  rosewater has to be applied on face in drops and pat it gently until it gets absorbed.


Here are some benefits of using a Rose & Witch Hazel toner:

  • Your skin stays hydrated and dewy all day long 
  • Automatically leaves you feeling refreshed 
  • Tightens your pores 



Rose distillate, Witch Hazel.

Weight : 100ml






Take a dot of the product and apply it on your hand to check for allergic reactions. Discontinue immediately if there are any. This should be changed for rose water.


  • All images shown are for illustrative purposes only. Actual results and/or products may vary
  • No animal testing 
  • No parabens, No sulphates, No silicones, No GMOs, No artificial fragrance and No harsh chemicals.
  • The product contains natural ingredients. Therefore, it may change colour and fragrance, without losing the effectiveness of the product. 
  • For external use only. 
  • Store in a cool and dry place. 
  • Incase of any allergies to a natural ingredient, kindly check the description. Patch test elsewhere to avoid triggering your allergies. 
  • In case of any existing medical condition, kindly refer to a specialist before usage. Likewise, in case you are under medication or pregnant, kindly refer to a doctor.
  • Products are not therapeutic and must not be replaced for any medication.

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