Vishara Skin Care

Oats Body Cleanser

Rs. 420
Oats Body Cleanser

If you are looking for a product to nourish your skin and leave it looking supple and soft, look no more! With a varying range of properties, this delicious skin goodness is everything that your skin needs to exfoliate, moisturise and treat your skin with its luxurious ingredients.

This is definitely your go to product if:
You require a gentle skin exfoliant
Dry, combination, oily skin types
Want your skin to feel nourished and moisturised through repeated usage
Treat yourself to a luxurious natural goodness of oats!

How to use:
Scoop out the required amount of the dry product using a small spoon and mix it with water. You can also add a tiny bit of rose water to the mix for an extra treatment of luxury. Apply it to the desired area(s). After repeated usage over a period of time, you will see the effect.

Gentle skin exfoliator
Mild on your skin
Deeply hydrates and moisturises your skin, thereby acting as a natural nourisher
A luxurious beauty remedy for healthy skin
Soothes irritated skin.
Keeps skin soft and supple and nourished.
Prevents itching and dryness.

Colloidal oats, kayolin clay, Calendula flowers, Chamomile, Avarampoo, Nagarmotha,Sweet almond oil, sunflower oil, lemon grass oil

Price: Rs 420
Weight: 150 gm

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