Vishara Skin Care


Rs. 250

    Vishara's Rose Vanilla deo balm is a completely natural formulation which helps you keep you dry and fresh in humid weather. Unlike the alcohol based deo sprays found in the  market, Vishara's deo balm doesn't clog your sweat ducts and  hinder the body's natural mechanism of removing toxins through sweat.


    Vishara's deo balm is made with ingredients like kaolin clay and arrowroot powder which naturally absorbs   excessive sweat and keeps you dry. It is enriched with a combination of  essential oils which inhibits microbial growth, naturally controls body odour, keeps your skin healthy and leaves a pleasant fragrance. 

 Just like all our other products, this Rose Vanilla deo balm is also completely free from synthetic ingredients  like alum (the antiperspirant used in deo sprays), alcohol and artificial fragrances.


 Kaolin clay,  Arrowroot powder , Jojoba oil, Grapeseed oil, Vitamin E, Rose geranium oil, Vanilla oil


Take out a little amount of Vishara’s deo balm and apply gently onto your dry under arms and other pulse points such as behind ears, inside elbow, inside wrist etc and enjoy the freshness of pleasant natural fragrance.

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