Vishara Skin Care

Almond & Oats Cleanser

Rs. 350

Vishara's oats almond cleanser is a carefully formulated natural cleanser for sensitive and dry skin. The ingredients used in this are rich source of bioactive compounds which are gentle and effective. This cleanser is  mild in PH and very calming  to your skin. This cleaner lathers well when mixed with water and goes very smooth on your skin. Your skin feels moisturised after every wash.

Oats is an effective cleanser. It contains saponins - a natural cleansing compound. It helps to unclog pores and treat acne by removing the excess oil from your skin. It is rich in anti-inflammatory compounds. It helps in subsiding irritation and rashes.

Calamine clay is a calming and soothing ingredient being used in skin care for thousands of years.It is considered as a wonder ingredient for sensitive skin. It is rich in natural minerals. It  prevents blemishes and acne

Almonds are gentle exfoliating agents. Applying formulations with almonds soften your skin, reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Almonds are rich in Vit.E,antioxidants and nourishes your skin making it soft and supple.


Oats, Almond, Calamine clay, Natural surfactants.


   Take oats almond cleanser on your palm. Add little water and work it into lather. Massage gently on the face and rinse off thoroughly.

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