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Ubtan Soap

Rs. 175 Rs. 200

Every grandmother's age old trick for any skin related issues is to throw a bit of ubtan in the mix and watch magic unfold. Ubtan is a 100% natural cleanser that ensures healthy looking, radiant skin. Not only does it gently exfoliate your skin, but the goodness of natural properties in this soap ensures that using this soap transforms your skincare routine.


This is definitely your go to product if: 

  1. You are in need of a quick bright skin fix 
  2. A gentle skin exfoliator 
  3. Oily, normal or combination skin type 


How to use: 

This soap comes in the form of bar. There are multiple ways to use soap, many of which we are aware of. Usually, people rub the soap on their skin and form a lather directly.

Some rub the soap in their hands, build the later, and use the foam across your body. 

And then some people use Loofahs and Washcloths. While there is nothing wrong with using Loofas or Washcloths (it makes building the lather easier), you have to ensure that you buy the right product and clean/change it regularly. Remember that these are a breeding house for bacteria, so you have to dry them out thoroughly after every use.



Might experience mild tingling while the effects settle. Discontinue if sensation persists. 



  1. An expected outcome of using this soap regularly is that it leaves your skin looking healthy and glowing! 
  2. Gently exfoliating your skin, thereby removing impurities 
  3. Repeated usage leads to decreasing hair growth 
  4. Good for acne prone skin 



Ubtan powder, coconut oil, palm oil, sunflower oil, canola,karanja oil, sal butter, essential oils of orange, lemongrass


Fragrance: Herbal Citrus


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