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Coconut Face Cleanser

Rs. 320

Luscious, soft and supple skin is something that we all dream of. But unfortunately, attaining it is not a child’s play. 

However, coconut is a magical ingredient that could do wonders to your skin! Not only does it remove all dust, dirt and clears away your clogged pores; but it also makes your skin feel nourished and gentler after each wash. 


This is definitely your go to product if: 

  1. Dull, tired or lifeless skin 
  2. Oily, normal or combination skin type 
  3. Require a glow (and who doesn’t?) 


How to use: 

Applying the cleanser: 

Mix a pinch of the powder with water. Once you get a beautiful texture, apply it on your skin when it’s wet. You can either let it sit as a mask for 15-20 minutes; or rinse it off with cold water. 



Might experience mild tingling on your face while the effects settle. Discontinue if sensation persists. 



Cleanser is perhaps the most important part of your skin care. Not only is it the first step, but it also a deciding factor. 

Here are some benefits of using this cleanser: 


  1. Soft, supple and rejuvenated skin within a month (use regularly for an increased effect) 
  2. Your skin will start to glow and you will look absolutely radiant! 
  3. Healthy looking skin; reducing the tiredness on your face and making you appear healthier! 

And so on. In fact, the fatty acids in coconut milk helps prevent wrinkles, fine lines, age spots and deeply conditions your skin; making it moisturised and happy! 



Coconut milk powder, Kayolin Clay, Turneric, Rose, Sandalwood, Ashwagantha, Vetrivel, and of course - essential oils of rose geranium. 



A mild fragrance of coconut and rose; but the smells are so gentle that you don’t feel overpowered. We would say that it’s the perfect smell for a skin cleanser in fact! 



Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

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